Hefei Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “HCEG”), initially known as Hefei Construction Engineering Bureau, was founded on February 26th, 1958. In 1982, the Bureau was withdrawn and transformed into a company known as “Hefei First Construction and Installation Company”; after that, it was divided and merged again as "Hefei Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.” After overall corporate restructuring in July 2008, the Company is now a part of “(Anhui) AHCOF Holdings Co., Ltd.”
  The Company mainly engages in construction and installation works and has obtained the following qualifications: Grade I general contracting qualification for housing construction, Grade I general qualification for municipal public works construction, Grade I qualification for foundation and substructure specialty contracting, Grade I specialty contracting qualification for electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering works, Grade Ⅱ qualification for steel structure specialty contracting...


·HCEG First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
·HCEG Second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
·HCEG Third Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
·HCEG Fourth Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
·HCEG Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
·HCEG General Contracting Company
·HCEG Labor Services Co., Ltd.
·HCEG City Construction Materials Testing Co., Ltd.
·HCEG Overseas Branch Companies