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The following projects won “China Construction Engineering Luban Award”: 
Wastewater Treatment Project of Hefei Fourth Water Plant
Amber Hill Residential Block Project in Hefei City
Phase I of Wang Xiaoying Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hefei City
National Municipal Gold Cup Demonstration Project: Wangtang Wastewater Treatment Plant Project
National Demonstration Project of New Technologies of Construction Industry: Project of Hefei Evening News Press Center
National Safety Production Award:
Project of Hefei Evening News Press Center
National advanced unit of construction Enterprises
National Excellent Construction Enterprise
National Advanced Enterprise of Construction Industry
National Customer Satisfied Construction Enterprise
National excellent enterprise of construction project quality management
National “Contract-Obedience and Faith-Keeping” enterprise
National “Top 500 Enterprises of Construction Industry”
National “Outstanding Construction Enterprise in terms of Equipment Management”,
National “Health Cup” Competition Winner Enterprise