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Anhui “Huangshan Cup” Award for Construction Projects:                
Ma’anshan City Real Estate Building               
Complex Building of Land and Resource Department of Hefei            
Students’ 3# Dining Hall of Anhui University               
Baijing Bay KH2G2 Bid Segment Residential Building                  
Hefei Press Center Project         
Phase Ⅱ of Wangtang Wastewater Treatment Plant Project        
Phase Ⅱ of Wang Xiaoying Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hefei City       
Classroom Building of Anhui Province Automotive Industry School
Classroom and Laboratory of Economic and Technical School of Anhui Agricultural University              
Command Center of Bozhou City Public Security Bureau             
Expansion Project of Chaohu City No.2 Water Plant       
Bid Segment A of Town God’s Temple of Huafu Town in Hefei City
Third Bid Segment of Northwest Outer Ring (Qingfeng West Road) of Chizhou City
Office Building of Anhui Reporter Station of Hefei People’s Daily

Anhui Provincial Level Science and Technology Demonstration Projects:          
KH2G2 Plot of Bojing Bay Residential Block       
Press Center of Hefei Evening News
Complex Building of Land and Resource Department of Hefei

Anhui Province-Level Demonstration Site (Residential Block) of Safety and Civilized Construction:
Anhui Daily Printing Center

Anhui Province-Level Safety and Civilized Construction Site:
Project of Hefei Evening News Press Center
Office Building of Agricultural Bank of China, Suzhou Branch
Command Center of Armed Police Bozhou City Detachment

Anhui Province-level Demonstration Construction Site for Quality and Safety Standardization
Command Center Bozhou City Public Security Bureau

Anhui Provincial “Outstanding Construction Enterprise”
Anhui provincial Top 50 Construction Enterprises
Anhui Provincial “Outstanding Unit in Equipment Management”                
Anhui provincial outstanding construction unit in terms of environmental protection
Anhui provincial “Quality Award” enterprise 
Anhui provincial advanced collectives of construction safety and quality standardization work
Anhui Provincial “Youth Civilization Cup” (Project Department of Landing Binhu Holiday Resort)

Anhui provincial demonstration project for construction safety and quality standardization:
Bid Segment 2 of Binhu Kangyuan Garden Phase Ⅱ project