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  Hefei Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “HCEG”), initially known as Hefei Construction Engineering Bureau, was founded on February 26th, 1958. In 1982, the Bureau was withdrawn and transformed into a company known as “Hefei First Construction and Installation Company”; after that, it was divided and merged again as "Hefei Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.” After overall corporate restructuring in July 2008, the Company is now a part of “(Anhui) AHCOF Holdings Co., Ltd.”

  The Company mainly engages in construction and installation works and has obtained the following qualifications: Grade I general contracting qualification for housing construction, Grade I general qualification for municipal public works construction, Grade I qualification for foundation and substructure specialty contracting, Grade I specialty contracting qualification for electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering works, Grade Ⅱ qualification for steel structure specialty contracting, Grade Ⅱ general contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering works, Grade Ⅱ qualification for integrated design and construction of decoration engineering, Grade Ⅱ qualification for integrated design and construction of curtain wall, Grade Ⅱ qualification for integrated design and construction of fire control facilities, qualification for overseas operations, etc. Registered capital of the Company is RMB 300,077,000 yuan.

  Over more than fifty years, the Company has undertaken a large number of projects of various types at home and abroad including high-rise buildings, large span pre-stressed structures, especially in recent years it has obtained unanimous praise in the construction of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, Algeria Constantine University City and Algiers Project. With the increasing momentum of business year by year, the Company has also made gratifying achievements in term of quality of the undertaken construction projects.

  The Company has undertaken three projects which won “Luban Award”. The Wangtang Sewage Treatment Plant Project in Hefei city was awarded national “Municipal Works Gold Medal”. The Company has won Anhui provincial “Huangshan Cup” award for 22 times, and Anhui “Provincial Science and Technology Demonstration Project” for multiple times.

  In terms of safety and civilized construction and production, the Company was honored as provincial and municipal level “demonstration construction site” for safe and civilized construction for many times.

  The Company has consecutively honored as “national customer satisfaction construction enterprise”, “national excellent construction enterprise”, national “advanced enterprise of construction industry”, Anhui provincial “outstanding construction enterprise”, and Anhui provincial “quality award” enterprise.  the Company is a national level “contract-obedience and faith-keeping” enterprise, national “Grade AAA credit rating enterprise”, one of Anhui province Top 50 Enterprises of the construction industry, one of national “Top 100 Enterprises of scientific and technological progress”, national “advanced unit of construction statistics”, national “outstanding construction enterprise in equipment management”, one of Anhui province Top 100 enterprises, Anhui province Top 50 Enterprises of construction industry, Hefei city Top 50 enterprises, and Hefei city Top 10 Enterprises of construction industry. In 2011, the Company has passed certification of “three standard systems in one” of quality management systems, environmental management systems, and occupational health and safety management system. The Company has a large number of national, provincial and municipal level outstanding construction designer teams, and focuses on corporate culture construction. We will adhere to the business strategy of “large group, large projects, and large market” to create an intelligence-intensive large general contracting enterprise of Hefei construction industry with the two indicators of “ten billion yuan business turnover” and “one-hundred years grand cause”.